The stack

and architecture overview


The Platform uses Quorum permissioned blockchain technology at its core. Quorum maintains a common ledger that can
only be updated, block after block, by the network consensus that members provide. Each Brand Stack has to manage at least
two Quorum nodes and ensure their liveness.

This blockchain network is completed by the centralized applications part:

Blockchain services
that allow the connection between the blockchain and other applications.

Off-chain services
including APIs used to connect business services to the Platform.

Front-end applications
for consumer facing interactions.

The Aura Blockchain Consortium platform
is composed of two systems

Aura Blockchain Consortium - Architecture overview
Aura Blockchain Consortium - Architecture overview


The Aura blockchain is spread around multiple regions (Currently: North Europe, UK South, West Europe, France Central)
to ensure the resilience of the network. Each brand can decide the region where it want to deploy.
The solution can be accessed to worldwide, including China.

API documentation

The Aura Blockchain Consortium provides a state of the art API to interact with the blockchain network. All complexity is abstracted by Aura Blockchain Consortium and any developer can easily and rapidly handle all interactions with smart contracts.


Smart contract generator

The Aura Smart Contract generator allows you to create and deploy a customized smart contract
that follows any potential use case. No blockchain skill is required and the generator is fully no-code.

Each Aura smart contract is defined by:

Stages of a product lifecycle

Roles acting on the smart contract

Rules defining which role can change a lifecycle stage

Monitoring tools

Aura Blockchain Consortium provides monitoring tools to track ingestions,
transactions going through the blockchain network as well
as the status of the network itself.


A Javascript SDK is made available to empower brands to rapidly build on top of Aura Blockchain Consortium. A mobile (iOS/Android) SDK is also available for brands that are willing to create a consumer facing application that leverages on Aura Blockchain Consortium.

Technical support

For Members Only



  • Aura Blockchain Consortium’s technology is not a track and trace solution. Aura Blockchain Consortium’s solution has the capability to integrate with any existing or future T&T solution used by brands to capture (“notarize”) important and desired events of products lifecycle.
  • Aura Blockchain Consortium’s technology is not an ERP solution. Aura Blockchain Consortium is not intended to “host” complex business logics (managed by the different brands IS systems) but allows to capture (“notarize”) desired events and associated relevant information.
  • Aura Blockchain Consortium’s technology is not a CRM solution. Aura Blockchain Consortium does not directly manage customers and “knows” only anonymized digital identifiers; only brands can associate those anonymized identifiers with their customers.

Yes, a SaaS version of Aura Blockchain Consortium’s solution has been developed, allowing brands that don’t want to manage their own infrastructure to use the Aura Blockchain Consortium’s software. All data between brands is segregated to ensure data privacy on the SaaS offering.

The main requirement is to get a Microsoft Azure™ subscription to install the software. Aura Blockchain Consortium’s solution is not multi-cloud yet. The brands are also required to have a track & trace system in place, as they need to have production data already recorded in their pre-existing IT database.

Aura Blockchain Consortium uses the privacy features provided by Quorum. The payload of each transaction that goes through the Aura Blockchain Consortium’s technology is kept private only to the brand. This means no information is ever shared with other participants of the consortium. The blockchain network itself is restricted only to other members of the consortium and cannot be accessed publicly.

Yes, Aura Blockchain Consortium’s solution can receive and handle many types of rich content including images and videos. This information can be notarized as part of the product lifecycle.

Aura Blockchain Consortium uses the widely accepted ERC-721 standard. The use of this Non-Fungible Token standard allows to uniquely recognize products that are created in Aura Blockchain Consortium’s solution. It can be transferred between all actors of the product lifecycle, including end-clients. The use of ERC-721 ensures blockchain interoperability between all Ethereum based networks.