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Aura Blockchain Consortium’s Solutions

August 1, 2023

At Aura Blockchain Consortium, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions that cover the entire value chain of luxury products, ensuring a seamless journey from raw materials to the hands of luxury consumers. As we are for luxury, from luxury, it grants us a comprehensive understanding of the industry’s evolving needs and future aspirations. Our mission is to provide an unparalleled standardization, ensuring a secure environment for luxury brands to thrive in their digital transformation while having trust in the longevity and enduring nature of these digital representations.

We provide both private and public blockchain options, tailored to the unique needs of luxury brands. Our private blockchain offers a safe and exclusive space for authorized participants within the consortium, safeguarding valuable data and preserving brand integrity. Meanwhile, our public blockchain solutions unlock transformative opportunities, enabling brands to leverage the power of digital twins, NFTs, and more.

Our SaaS solution streamlines onboarding and empowers luxury brands to focus on enhancing the customer journey and driving digital innovation. With our Smart Contract Generator, brands can industrialize their product life cycle, ensuring trustful transactions and immutability.

By combining the power of blockchain with Made-to Measure (MTM) capabilities, we empower brands to gift and sell NFTs and therefore create immense value, efficiency, and transformative opportunities in their operations.

Through the support of our trusted ecosystem partners, the Aura Consortium empowers seamless B2B operations, end-to-end product lifecycle tracking, and direct-to-consumer engagement. Unlocking this potential is made possible by enabling technologies like NFC Chips and UHF RFID, providing direct access to the Digital Product Passport.

We are dedicated enablers, empowering luxury brands to thrive in an ever-evolving industry but still have trust and integrity at their core.


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