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Aura Standard​

Aura Standard is a self-managed offering for brands that care about decentralization and want control over data. The Aura Blockchain Consortium’s software is run directly by the brand and the brand participates in the blockchain governance.


Aura SaaS

Aura SaaS is an offering for brands that want to quickly leverage the Aura Blockchain Consortium’s software without the hurdle of hosting the solution. Brands use blockchain as a service without running any node.


Cross Features


Aura SDKs & APIs 

3rd Party solutions 

Legacy Track & Trace / ERP / CRM 

Mobile Application: SDKs 



Create digital identities of luxury products and manage product traceability

Store data about the product lifecycle

Transfer the ownership of the product from the brand to the client with the digital identity

user experience

Access product history

Verify product authenticity

Transfer ownership

Register post buying activity

Aura Standard

Aura SaaS

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We are open to all market players to take part in the association. Brands, part of a group or independent, big or small, technical partners, third party trusted partners and supply and distribution partners can contribute to continue to raise the industry standards to drive change and increase customer trust in the brands’ sustainble practices and product sourcing.

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